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Rapid, Low Cost & Easy-to-Use
Detectors for Sulfites
in Food, Wine, Beer and Other Drinks

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Easily Detect Sulfites in Wine, Beer, Dried Fruits, Meats and other Food and Drinks!

The SulfiteCheck™ Detector is a small and easily concealed detector which allows the user to rapidly detect if sulfites are present in food and drinks.  This detector comes equipped with a builit in Qualtiy Assurance that lets the user know if the detector is working properly.

Sensitivity: As low as 5 parts per million.

Detection Time: The SulfiteCheck™ detects the presence of Sulfites in under THREE mintues!

Sample Without Sulfites

Sample With Sulfites

Testing Solid Foods:   First mince the food and place it in a seperate container.  To the container, add an equal volume of water and mix well.
Testing Liquids such as Wine or Beer Use the liquid as it is.
How to Test:
  1. Simply pour a small amount of liquid on BOTH sides of the SulfiteCheck™ Detector and wait three minutes.
  2. A blue color will form on the "Quality Assurance" side of the SulfiteCheck™ Detector to indicate that the detectors are working properly.
  3. A white color will form on the "Sample" side of the SulfiteCheck™ Detector if the sample contains sulfites.

Sulfite Check | Low Cost Detectors for Sulfites in Food and Drink

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